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Natural Horse Boarding


Sun, Oct. 29, 10am


Who We Are

Located on the grounds of the New Jersey Institute of Nature,  less than two miles from the Paunskill Valley Trail, and minutes away from Route 94 in New Jersey. 

Nestled on a  stunning 50-acre estate, we feature an 18-stall barn, a lit outdoor arena with a round pen. We pride ourselves on our facilities with a well maintained feed room, two large tack rooms, hot/cold wash stall and heated bathrooms for guests and clients.

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Natural Boarding

Natural Horse Boarding

Open grazing on a 50-acre farm

We recognize that horses are herd animals who need the company of other horses. They are highly social animals who interact by touching and playing. As a herd animal, horses have learned through evolution that there is safety in numbers, hence a solitary horse is often a stressed horse.


At KW Stables we use natural boarding methods based on studies of how horses live in the wild. These methods are designed to meet the basic physiological needs of the horse, and form the foundation of all-natural horse care.

Herd Life

One of the great advantages of herdlife is that it’s directly linked with movement. Often what can be observed, one horse starts to move, the others join in. 

Freedom of Movement

Horses with significant movement will develop strength and muscling throughout their entire body. This freedom of movement will change the overall behavior of the horse. Horses are less likely to take off under saddle and run out of their stalls when stabled for long periods of time. 

Danielle, NY

I can't even describe how happy my horses and I have been since moving to KW Stables. The pastures are huge and well maintained, the barn and stalls are always clean and well taken care of. Kevin and Caitlin take amazing care of the horses and I can tell how much each of these horses mean to them. They work with what the horses need, such as my one horse needs medication and supplements everyday, with no complaint and I don’t have to worry about her getting her medication everyday. My horses have never looked so good and it is thanks to the care of KW Stables. 
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